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Gustaf H. Hermansonn

Gustaf H. Hermannsson is the founder and owner of Icelux Ltd.

He was born in Vestmannaeyjar, Iceland, on the 13th of May 1947. A few months after his birth, his parents moved to Reykjavik and Gustaf grew up close to the centre of town.

After a traditional grammar schooling in Reykjavik, Gustaf went to the town of Laugarvatn (Lake Laugar) where he spent 4 years in the high school/collage and got his degree in the spring of 1968.

After getting the degree, the course was set on the University of Iceland where he started in medicine but quit after a year. From there he went straight to work, first at the Office of Police, then at The Icelandic National Audit Office, and at The Office of the Icelandic National Hospital and finally he worked for the Mortgage department of Landsbanki, national bank.

He worked there for 10 years before starting Icelux on the 1. January 1987.

Gustaf has three grown children, and four grandchildren.